School Council

School Council

Parents are an integral part of our school community. They provide the leadership needed in many important activities at St. Benedict School, such as volunteering for classrooms, supervising on field trips, and fundraising. The St. Benedict School Council is a hard working, enthusiastic group of parents and staff who work together to enhance learning opportunities for our students.

Monthly School Council meetings are held in the staffroom and all parents are encouraged to attend. Whether you have a little time or are looking for a larger volunteer commitment and fun, this is a great way to get involved! Elections for new officers are held at the end of June each year.


Visit the Alberta School Councils’ Association at



September School Council Minutes

October School Council Minutes

January School Council Minutes

March School Council Meeting Minutes

April School Council Meeting Minutes

May School Council Meeting Minutes


School Council 

Trina Joly                                                 Chair

Kalee Ryan                                               Vice Chair

Pamela Roper                                           Secretary

Ashleigh Handbury                                    Treasurer

Jen Swancoat                                            Member at large

Darby Heck                                               Member at large

Ashlee Corpuz                                           Member at large

Venita Gonzales                                         Member at large

Nicole Gray                                               Member at large

Farrah Garbutt                                          Member at large 

Lindsay Whittaker                                      Member at large



Alicia Braden                                              Chair

Gord Whittaker                                           Vice Chair

Martha Griffith                                            Secretary

Pamela Roper                                             Treasurer

Ashlee Corpuz                                            Director at large

Trina Joly                                                   Director at large

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